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Our Settlement Agreement Lawyers are experts in advising on and negotiating compromise/settlement agreements for employee at all levels of seniority. Our elite settlement agreement lawyers are friendly, highly experienced and will always offer you FREE initial advice on your compromise/settlement agreement including if you are at risk of redundancy. Call Now on 0207 488 9947 or email us.

Independent Legal Advice

Lawyers advising on settlement agreements

Settlement Agreement Lawyer

At RT Coopers Solicitors, there is always an employment law lawyer to provide you with independent legal advice on the terms of your settlement/compromise agreement, including advice on redundancy pay. Our employment law solicitors are highly skilled and will ensure that you get the best possible redundancy payment. Our lawyers have negotiated vast numbers of redundancy packages for employees, ranging from senior executives to shop floor workers. We support you each step of the way. Our employment solicitors will provide you with the best possible employment law advice and assistance regarding your settlement agreement/compromise agreement as well as any further employment legal advice that you may require such as on:
  • unfair dismissal
  • employee rights
  • redundancy law
Contact us as soon as you are advised that you are at risk of redundancy.

Facing Redundancy

We receive many enquiries from employees who have been informed that they are at risk of redundancy. If you have been informed that you are at risk, one of the first questions to consider is whether you are facing a true redundancy situation or not.  You should note that in order for your employer to dismiss you for reason of redundancy, your employer would have to show that: (i) it ceased or intends to cease carrying on the business for which you were employed; or (ii) it ceased or intends to cease to carry on that business in the place where you are employed.     If you need legal advice on the terms of your settlement/compromise agreement or guidance on negotiating your redundancy package with your employer, please contact us.

Compromise/Settlement Agreement

An RT Coopers' solicitor will expertly advise you on the implications of what you are asked to sign in your settlement agreement in a face to face meeting or audio. During the meeting or audio with an employment lawyer, if you have any questions, we will answer them and if there are any issues to be raised with your employer, the employment solicitor will raise them directly with your employer to achieve the most efficient and best possible outcome for you. Our settlement agreement solicitor will negotiate with your employer on your behalf, if necessary. Choosing the right independent employment lawyer is crucial to receiving the best advice on your settlement agreement to ensure that you are protected. RT Coopers have been advising employees at all levels for over 15 years and we are experts in this field. Call us now on 0207 488 9947.
We guarantee you quality legal advice to achieve the best results for you.
Our useful blog on all areas of settlement agreement/compromise agreements is at Advice On Settlement Agreements

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I first communicated with RT Coopers via email and found them very efficient. The staff where all professional, committed, trusted and excellent in customer service. From my initial email to the Firm until the conclusion of my matter I was impressed with the way their solicitors handled my case, my calls and the way in which I was advised. I was given first class advice and I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all at RT Coopers for their patience and professionalism. I will definitely recommend RT Coopers to my family, friends and colleagues.