In terms of our costs generally we will accept your employer’s contribution

and there is nothing else to pay to us to cover the legal costs of

providing you with independent legal advice on the terms of your

settlement agreement, provided there are no negotiations to be done on our part.

It is only in certain circumstances that you may be charged above your employer’s contribution, in particular, where we become involved with negotiations. In which case, we would always advise you upfront of any additional costs. For example, if we are required to enter into complex negotiations with your employer on your behalf, if you have not reached agreement with your employer on the terms of your redundancy pay or you believe that the grounds for making you redundant are unfair, or you require detailed advice.

Advice on compromise agreements

Advice on Settlement Agreements

For Testimonials. Below is what some of our clients have said about us:-

5 Stars Settlement Agreement

 …The support I received from RT Coopers helped me feel stronger and more confident and this made all the difference in turning the situation around which resulted in an arrangement which was advantageous for both parties. I would definitely recommend RT Coopers to friends, family and business partners.‘ AB


5 Stars Appeal – Settlement Agreement

‘I wish to register my gratitude to you for the excellent legal advice you gave me in preparing an appeal to my final written warning. It should go without saying that this communication from the senior management of my employer caused me a great deal of stress. I must say, however, that your thorough and highly professional approach in our meeting, carefully sifting through the relevant facts and pointing out the pertinent rights and responsibilities of employer and employee, right through to the carefully worded draft of the written appeal – greatly assisted in allaying my anxieties. The final result, the rescinding of the final written warning, replaced by a second written warning, is indeed a highly satisfactory outcome. For this I once again wish to state my great appreciation for your astute and positive approach to my issues. I therefore unreservedly recommend yourself and by extension RT Coopers Solicitors to anyone with any employment law issues.’ JS


5 Stars Redundancy – Settlement Agreement

‘RT Coopers is a professional, friendly, client focused and genuine firm. When I was faced with the prospect of redundancy I knew I required legal advice and fast. I started ringing around solicitors and found that not many were flexible with their timing i.e would not see clients after 6pm and also many were reluctant to listen to my situation on the phone. When I spoke with RT Coopers I was very impressed with the service, their willingness to be flexible with timings of meetings in order for me to arrange an appointment after working hours, and they were very helpful over the phone. During my meeting I found the service offered to be not only very professional but also very friendly and approachable. During my meeting the terms of my compromise agreement were explained in a very clear and concise manner which benefitted me going forward. I will definitely recommend this firm to my friends and family and also use your services for any future situations.’ ZY


5 Stars Redundancy – Settlement Agreement

‘This is just a quick note to thank you so much for all your help guidance and support during my redundancy. I want to say a big thank you. You were so professional and patient and I will definitely recommend you to anyone unfortunate enough to be in the same situation, you make it much easier.’ N.M