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Our expert employment lawyers are based in London and are specialists in employment law providing legal advice on redundancy to employees on their settlement agreements. Our leading employment solicitors will expertly advise you on your workplace disputes:

  • if you are at risk of redundancy
  • if you are being made redundant; or
  • advising you on the terms of your settlement agreement

You will receive a prompt and outstanding quality response from our employment lawyers at all times on your settlement agreement.


5 Stars Settlement Agreement and Negotiations

I came to RT Coopers under a great deal of stress but immediately felt reassured by the staff who treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. They took the time to make sure I understood each and every condition of the settlement agreement I was signing, and made certain that my best interests were represented. As a foreigner I was not familiar with UK law and RT Coopers was very patient with me. I truly appreciate their help in this difficult situation.’ KV


Our employment lawyers truly have an outstanding reputation in advising employees on redundancy and their settlement agreements. We will ensure that we support you, keeping you abreast of your case and we will provide you with a remarkable employment law service.

Our employment solicitors will provide a quick turnaround without compromising our highest standard of legal advice. Employment law is constantly changing and you can count on us to keep you abreast of the law.

We have elite employment solicitors that can provide you with premium legal advice on your settlement agreements. Here is what one of our clients who we helped through a difficult redundancy process had to say abut our employee lawyers:


5 Stars Redundancy, Settlement Agreement

‘I was very well impressed since the beginning by the friendly yet professional treatment and advise received at RT Coopers which instantly reassured me, making me feel solidly backed up throughout a delicate and stressful process of negotiation with an uncertain outcome. The support I received from RT Coopers helped me feel stronger and more confident and this made all the difference in turning the situation around which resulted in an arrangement which was advantageous for both parties. I would definitely recommend RT Coopers to friends, family and business partners.’ AB


We do make your desired outcome happen for you by our amazing skills in resolving settlement agreements and we have had phenomenal results for our employee clients. A specialist employment lawyer will utilise his or her knowledge and skills in advising you on the best means of resolving your employment law disputes and how to get the best outcome for you.

Our employment solicitors have a number of clients that have praised our amazing employment law service. We enjoy working with employees, guiding and supporting them each step of the way and we look forward to doing the same for you. It does not matter to us about your job title because we treat each employee with the same level of professionalism and impart our expert employment law services equally.


4.5 Stars Employment Tribunal Hearing

‘Thank you for your support, professionalism and encouragement throughout the last year especially during the lead up to my Employment Tribunal hearing. I can state categorically that without having you there along the way, with constant and consistent guidance and positive attitude I may never have got that far at all. I would have no hesitation in giving my recommendation of RT Coopers’ services. Once again – thank you’ JH


When it comes to costs, we are transparent and although we are a London based firm, our rates are amazing for employees because we are on your side.

Take a look at the range of employment law services that we offer to employees. Take action now and call our Employment law Solicitors on 0207 488 9947 or contact us now via our website.


 5 Stars Settlement Agreement

‘I was particularly happy with the professionalism and personable engagement, whilst they had a clear understanding of my needs.  The impact of the agreement was well grasped and explained and I now feel well advised.  Thank you for your positive approach.’  JE 


It is a daunting experience to be faced with redundancy and you can rely on us as your legal advisers to give you the best possible redundancy law advice.