July 12

Testimonial: 5 Stars Settlement Agreement

‘The team at RT Coopers made me feel both welcome and assured that my case would be dealt with competently from the moment I walked into their offices. RT Coopers are very knowledgeable and dealt with my case with the greatest attention and care, respecting my wishes and exceeding my expectations at all times. The advice and attention to detail in RT Coopers work was second to none. Thank you to all the team at RT Coopers for all the support you provided me during this difficult period, it’s just what I needed’. H.S

June 22

Settlement Agreements Specialists

As an employee you must take independent legal advice to ensure that you fully appreciate the implications of what you are asked to sign by your employer. The settlement agreement may appear straightforward to you, there are always issues that you may need to go over with your legal advisers.

Settlement Agreement Lawyer

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April 16

Employment Law : Sexual Harassment – April 2015

A female banker, a former equity saleswoman, won her case for sexual harassment and was awarded £3.2m by the Central London Employment Tribunal. According to the claimant, her male colleagues working at Sberbank CIB said she was a cocaine addict; the former employee also took a drug test that was negative. Her male colleagues also made offensive and derogatory remarks about her.

The Employment Tribunal awarded:
•£3.14m for loss of earnings
•£44,000 for injury to feelings; and
•£15,000 in aggravated damages.

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April 14

Termination of Employment – April 2015

Termination of Employment – April 2015

A number of employees are being dismissed by employers for poor performance instead of making them redundant. In some cases for summary dismissal. If you are an employee, it is imperative that you file a grievance as early as possible to try to resolve any workplace disputes. Call us now.